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I don't believe in coincidences.


Anton Repponen, Hawaii

23 April 2014   9:50 pm

And then we never spoke again.

— my 6 word story (via katelizabeth)

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April 2014     9:45 pm


Kay FochtmannPão de Açúcar, Rio de Janeiro, 2011

23 April 2014   11:09 am


This makes me happy

23 April 2014   11:08 am

I’m trying to better day by day.

23 April 2014   11:08 am

23 April 2014   11:07 am

Small talk makes me feel the way I do when a mosquito is buzzing around my head — irritated — and then finally unable to get any relief I just slaughter the damn thing. I slaughter the moment by saying something real.

— bell hooks, “Wounds of Passion: A Writing Life”  (via katelizabeth)

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April 2014     8:26 pm


Gregory ThielkerUnder the Unminding Sky (painting)

22 April 2014   4:19 pm


drifting glaeciers

22 April 2014   4:19 pm

at some point you just have to let go of what you thought should happen and live in what is happening.

— (via keep-that-pussy-wet)

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April 2014     2:04 pm

man, I am so tired of people

20 April 2014   11:48 pm


Untitled, 2012Derek Vincent

20 April 2014   10:45 pm

I hope someday you can find someone

whose presence can heal your pain.

— Unknown (via yumoirs)

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April 2014     10:43 pm


Art movements.

20 April 2014   10:43 pm


I hope one day
somebody loves you
so much

that they see violets
in the bags under your eyes,
sunsets in the downward arch
of your lips,

that they recognize you
as something green,
something fresh and still growing,
even if sometimes
you are growing sideways,

that they do not waste their time
trying to fix you.

(via teagum)

20 April 2014   10:40 pm