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I don't believe in coincidences.

21 October 2014   12:27 pm

Anonymous: Hey man. I've been going through some real tough times too, and sometimes I find that it's nice to think, it's okay to not be okay.

I agree with you (i think the first step to getting better is to admit you’re not okay)

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21 October 2014   12:23 pm

21 October 2014   12:20 pm

Anonymous: hi dear, would u mind recommending me some ideas for my matching tattoo with my best friend? we have known each other for 4 years now and she's moving to another country soon. our initials are H and D (just trying to add more detail for u to picture :D) I would highly appreciated for your kindest involvement in this task( seems like we're running out of ideas ;( ) hope to hear from you soon. it would mean a lot to us..

hello! I’m sorry but I’m not really into tattoos so I don’t really know :/

21 October 2014     12:14 pm



21 October 2014   12:12 pm

21 October 2014   12:11 pm

Haven’t been active in months, but I’m okay now and I’m getting better.

21 October 2014   12:09 pm

21 October 2014   12:09 pm

I feel like I’ve been shattered into pieces and now I have to start all over again. Never in my life did I imagine something like this happening to me. It’s true, you don’t know what you have until you lose it. It’s okay though, things could be worse.

04 September 2014   9:59 pm

Anonymous: nothing happens for a reason. never believe that horse shit. everything is random. we live in a world of total randomness. apart from basin biological and cosmic procedures that are observable, everything else is completely random. there's no master plan, no fate, nothing like that.

I don’t believe anything is completely random. I think if I were to ever believe that I would go crazy.

15 August 2014     1:49 pm     4 notes

This has been one of the worst years of my life.

15 August 2014   1:22 pm

12 August 2014   2:45 pm

24 June 2014   5:44 pm


PARIS (by printemps-neige)

23 June 2014   3:47 pm